any good rage against the machine songs without all the effects? we like their style but cant afford all the stuff
killing in the name has some sort of whammy effect in the solo im sure you could do without the pedal, other than that there really isn;t any
The big two to get would be the whammy pedal, then probably the wah or delay.

There are a fair amount of tracks where the chorus is effects free, it's really the solos and verses that are usually effects heavy.

Bombtrack I think is entirely effects free, Take the Power Back, Settle for Nothing.

Know Your Enemy has whammy harmonized to a fifth for the intro and solo, but it still sounds good without it.

Wake up, Township Rebellion.

Freedom, need delay for the solo, but still sounds pretty good w/o it.

Most of the first record really.

From Evil Empire: People of the Sun you need an allen wrench to get the scratching sound, but no foot pedals.

Revolver has the crazy intro and solo, but the main song is without effects.

Same with Snake Charmer and Without a Face.

Wind Below required whammy and delay for the solo, but the rest of the song is playable.

Battle of Los Angeles requires the most effects, I can't actually think of any songs that you can really play through without using them except for Born of a Broken Man. But you can still rock all the choruses no problem. Sleep Now in the Fire's whammy harmonies during the verse can be faked, and the solo is feedback and a toggle switch, so no actual foot effects.

If you've got a wah, that opens it up more to stuff like Bulls on Parade and Guerrilla Radio.

Renegades is pretty riff heavy, a lot of wah and whammy stuff, but it's still all note based, so you can play most of the songs in a stripped down, but recognizable form.
Bulls on Parade needs just a wah for the main riff.

The crazy DJ sounding solo uses a "killswitch" which just requires two pickups with two volume controls, and a selector. You have one pickup on full volume that you play the song with, and another set to zero volume. When you move the selector to the zero pickup, its quiet, and the other pickup makes noise. Experiment with scratching the strings and the killswitch technique, and there you go, no pedals required.
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wow thanks my friends got a wah pedal i can use so that was a great list for me well definatley try some of that. people of the sun sounds like it would be fun to play
I think Tom uses his wah for the solo too, rocked all the way forward, to really pick up that screechy treble sound, it doesn't sound as DJ eque otherwise, he might use an equalization pedal to boost the levels as well. Listen to live recordings of bulls and you'll hear him rocking the pedal back at the end of the solo before he goes back into the "wah wah chucka wah wah" part of the song.
Sleep Now in the Fire (except solo)
Born of a Broken Man is pretty fun
Know your Enemy you can pull off
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 ┃ ┗━━━┛ ┃  ┣━━ ┃ you have ever been Rickroll'd,

Also, you CAN do the solo for Killing in the Name of with really fast string skipping if you dont have the Whammy pedal. But its tough to make it sound as good.
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