I'm left handed, limited to choices. I'm looking at the blackjack C-1 with the Floyd. I'm going to be using it for 80's rock like Def Leppard and Van Halen and going into metalcore like Killswitch Engage, would the JB cover all this? Overall is the guitar reliable?
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The JB is quite a versatile pickup and it will handle all that without a problem especially because you ahve a 5150. Schecter makes reliable guitars.
I'm thinking you'll be fine, especially with it going in to that 5150.

And boy I hate how the guitar world hates left handers. You'd think that having one of the most iconic players of all time being a left hander who had to improvise his guitar would help wake them up...but noooooooo.

I guess I understand it, it's definitely more of a custom job to make left handed guitars, but come on, the markup on some of them is flat ridiculous.


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