Dont really like ur guitar tone...

Drums are great! but sorta over power the guitar

Are you using a pedal? dont really like the sound.

Like some of the ending licks

On the second one the guitar is louder which is better.

Dont really like the riff in this one.

Like the talking parts, but rest of the vocals need work.

Dont like this song sorry :/

third one is EQ'd way too loud

I love the lead guitar licks in this one

Again vocals need work

Prolly my fav song there

C4C? (Dying Breed in my profile)
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Sorry dude...This one almost slipped by me there.

I think that some of the riff ideas/song structures work fine, I don't think that imagination or creativity is any problem for you...So two main things that I would work on, woud be timing first off, then guitar tone.
When playing with a drum machine/program, you really need to get your timing down good. If you're playing with a real drummer, human nature sort of takes over & you tend to adjust to each other's timing quirks. But with anything programmed, you can't push or pull it along at all, you set the tempo & it is what it is...you need to adapt to it. The riffs themselves are good ideas, but in several spots, you could distinctly hear your timing wandering.
What I would probably suggest doing, is before recording, spend a couple days really getting the timing of the riffs down solid. Play a real simple beat, with no fills or anything to worry about and really focus in on hitting the beats correctly and it will instantly give a lot more powerful & focused feel to your riffs.

For tone, that can be a tougher issue to tackle, since I don't know what your exact recording setup is. But basically the guitar just needs more girth to it. A little more hefty tone would go a long way in beefing up your riffs/tunes. If your only option right now, is a distortion pedal into your recording unit (PC/4 track/Whatever), messing with the EQ when you go to mix it down could help a bit. Maybe try dropping the midsjust a touch & adding some low end to it.
Distortion pedals on their own, are almost always going to be kinda buzzy sounding, so down the line, getting an all in one unit like a POD or something similar with built in speaker emulation might be your best bet. But honestly, until then, just keep on banging away and trying new things....it can only make ya better in the long run.