Get ''I Cum Blood'' on your chest.
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when i grow up i wanna have blackandsilver's babies!

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nice discovery, sir.

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Get a giant dick on your neck crawling up your face toward your mouth.

If thats not how you swing, you could tattoo your lips to look like a vagina...
You should get a nike checkmark right beside it. Maybe Dean and Nike will pay you for the shameless advertising you want to do for them.
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There is no point except party and be healthy and happy. Also money is not something to live for. If i didnt need money for drugs and beer i would give mine away.

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get a picture of yourself on your back like stevo.
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Go see U2, then you can say you contributed money to Bono's giant Irish tower built out of the blood, tears, and the hopes of African children.
I'm going to get a razor wire celtic knot and a texas flas on my neck that says "Made In U.S.A."underneath it




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he's my favourite Marvel hero

Mine as well..
TS, why do you want to get a companies logo tattoo'd on you forever?....
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Sometimes my penis stands up so I rub it and then he gets sick from the rubbing (probably an upset tummy) and throws up ... ...
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Im 18 and ive never had a wet dream. is that normal?
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I used to think that girls only had 2 holes

Never take anyone's advice on what to permanently draw into your skin. Especially strangers over the internet.
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decided not to thet the Dean logo, I started to think about what the guys at work would say when they saw it, considering most of them are redneck old-timers, they would probably think I got some dudes name tattooed on my arm with some fairy wings......