I haven't heard or read a lot about them, but they're out of production, pretty cheap used, and all tube. I read a few reviews and they say it's a mid-gain amp. That's pretty much all I know.

Here they are on eBay.

Does anybody have any insight on these amps?
looks good man. if it stays low, id say definitely look into it. other than that, i dont really know anything about them.
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the artist series is a hybrid amp, but not like the avt's. the preamp stage is solid state while the power amp is tube. ive heard of mods that make them 50w and give it nice mids and a more even bottom end. erik rutan from hate eternal used them on the first 2 hate eternal records and some of the stuff he did with morbid angel so it has enough gain, and im sure it has plenty of traditional marshall sounds on tap too.