When i play i rest my strumming hand somewhere around the bridge/bridge pickup. Now usually i don't pay attention to it, just do what feels good.

Anyways, last week suddenly i felt my pinky on that hand get really warm, like i was touching something hot. Not knowing too much about wiring etc. i was worried that maybe the pickups were heating up or something. But checking it for a minute, it seemed fine.

Just now, resting my hand on my mouse it happened again! And its just the pinky, wtf!

I don't how, but my right hand pinky is crazy. Anyone have anything similair happen or know what it is?
Could be a lot of things.

Is it in the joints or the actual tip of your pinky? Joints could mean a lot of things from carpal tunnel to arthritis. One of the affects leading up to either of those is a sensation of heat in the joints when there's no heat source around.

Dunno. Like I said, could be a whole lot of things.
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you may have damaged something and you're irritating it when you play
but im no doc though
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This is such a great thread title. Just saying.

And TS, if it makes you feel better my entire family has been getting these itchy spots all over as soon as we arrived in Tennessee. It's not chicken pox, more like a million bug bites.
Who dat?
Urinary tract infection.

but yeah, it could be a lot of things.
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with your thumb try flicking it , and see if it catches on fire ... what if your that guy from fantastic 4 .. the fire guy :O
its not the joint for sure. Just the last digit, at the bottom/side. I'm not too worried or anything, since it doesnt hurt really, just weird as hell
based on absolutely no medical experience whatsoever, I'm going to say your guitar gave you a sexually transmitted disease of some sort. Fire is the only way to purge it now.

or you could wait a few days and see if it goes away. either or.
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Same thing for me I dont really notice it at all.
I assumed it was body heat from the blood rushing after strumming fast or somthing, idont know...
I just shake my hand and it goes away.
Nail infection maybe? Happened to me once or twice, they tend to just go away.
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nice discovery, sir.

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UPDATE: for anyone still interested, i think i found the reason. When im playing i'm *sllightly* rubbing the guitar with my picking (if im moving my hand alot up and down and doing tight picking).
The reason i feel it all at once is when i push my pinky onto something, making me feel how hot it is.