I've been shopping for Ibanez S series guitar and found the following link on ebay.


I believe s470 has the S wave inlay and zero friction trem, but the one in the link has dot inlay and doesn't seem to have zero friction trem. Does anyone know why this is? Is that just an older S470? And does that price seem reasonable?

Yep, it's just an older S470... you can see the model name on the back of the headstock. The ZR trem was introduced in 2003, I believe, so it's probably from before then.
That's definetely an older model. The only thing to be wary of is I'm pretty sure that trem is a complete bucket of fail. I'll have to look or someone will post who knows for sure...

Also, just so you know, Ibanez stopped with the wave inlays a while ago and the trem they use nowadays is called the Zero resistance or ZR.

EDIT: I was right. Crappy trem...

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