Does anyone here have any experence using a wireless personal monitor system?

I understand that when you use one the mix will be quite a bit cleaner, and set to your specifications, rather than the typical mix, which as we know can be questionable at times.

any comments regarding wireless personal monitor systems?
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i havent used one myself, or really even personally known anyone who has used them. but i did read a really good article in some music magazine (wasnt trying to sell stuff) about how much better your mix can be with in-ear monitors. if you can have a personal mix for yourself you can emphasize what you need to hear to stay in time/keep track of the song. a singer might want to be able to hear himself/herself while the drummer is more concerned with the bass and wants the vocals to be lower.

then there is also the volume and feedback issue. you can actually preserve your hearing by using an in ear system because you dont have loud, blaring speakers pointed at you and sound isolating plugs will let you hear everything fine with a quieter mix. and without wedge moniters you are going to have less bleed through to mics, which means less feedback.

from what ive read, if you play a lot of shows and have the scratch for them, in ear systems are pretty much the way to go. of course you have to be able to afford a good one for it to be worth it and it is an extra thing for the sound engineer to worry about controling. but hey, if you play live often its probably worth it.