so i am stuck between ska, and indie

ska as in
reel big fish
or sublime

indie as in
the killers
joy division
alkaline trio

so if you could share your thoughts on that
and give the ups and downs for each genre
that would be great
and ill also give you a cookie
Why not find some likeminded colleagues, and make your own mishmash of the two genres?
i want a cookie!!!

thats a good genre combination, my personal favorites. the upsides of ska are, of course, catchy beats, powerful rhythm, gets people pumped and moving, and usually tends to have humor in it. the upside of indie is also the reason why i cant tell you much. indie is a very wide genre, as wide as if not wider than alternative. you can do alot in that genre, so i cant really help you on it. skindie is a good genre name, or even skandie.
do both
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Haha, actually techinically, you'd be starting both since Indie is a state of label signing.
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Play music in both genres... You don't have to combine them, just play music from both genres.
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wait wait wait,

indie is a genre? i couldve swore indie meant indepentdant, which was a label type,

and, if im right, you have no problem, cause, the only option would be ska (although, i personally hate it)
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um...yeah Im pretty sure thats why bands get famous...they mix and match genres and do things new...go for it!
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those two genres should blend fine, although "indie" isn't really a genre and is a pretty much meaningless term nowadays.
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play both types of music, who cares. do you know what i play "erotic death metal" it's basically blues , funk, alt.rock and hard rock put together
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If you limit yourselves to one kind of music a band will ultimately become boring and unsatisfying.
Unless you are a professional songwriter that is hired to write for someone else's album, you really shouldn't be worrying about genres.
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Unless you are a professional songwriter that is hired to write for someone else's album, you really shouldn't be worrying about genres.

+1 all the genre buzzwords that get thrown around in threads like this irritate me. Stop talking and go make some music!!!
why get into the genre thing???

play what you like
play what sounds good

and PEOPLE will state your genre

heck if your good enough you will BECOME a genre
Indie songs with upstrokes, and maybe horns.
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Write what you would consider an indie song as far as drums and guitar goes. Write a walking bassline and add horns.

Hey presto.
well reel big fish and sublime are more reggae or punk than ska imo(both have some ska, but its more reggae or punk)

and the killers and alkaline trio id consider pop-punk

so id look at some other bands that are similar hybrids

try Pepper , Ballyhoo! , The B Foundation, Less Than Jake(basically pop-punk/ska, with horns), Big D and The Kids Table(has some pop-punk influence), Goldfinger(probably a lot of what your looking for), Incubus(a mish mosh of genres if i ever saw one. not exactly what your looking for, but always good), Rude Buddha, 311(good hybrid once again)

sorry for the wall. might have missed the point, but hope i helped
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