Okay guys i need your help. I have a fender standard strat and im looking into putting these pickups into it:



These are the two. I cant find the a link for the other one.

Basically, will these pickups help suit my tastes. Im into rock, some heavy metal, along with some blues and funk. Any suggestions?

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there all the same link

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you can't link that page...
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Theres a third one i was thinking about was an area 58 DP415 which u can find on the Dimarzio website

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what kind of amp do you have. if you have a tube amp you will notice a difference if you have a solid state amp you wont notice any difference and you would be better off getting a new amp first.
I think its a hybrid not soo sure. Its a Fender FM 212R

Makes sense. So would u guys recommend these pickups for my playing style anyway?

I'd recommend a normal sized humbucker in the bridge, like a Seymour Duncan TB-11, for your heavy metal playing.
Blues and funk should exclusively be played on the neck pickup.

Get that amp upgrade first. BTW, it's not because your amp's a solid state, it's because your amp's a ****ty solid state.
Make a post in the GGA when you're ready to get a new amp, so people can help find a good one.
haha its not soo bad. It was the amp that suited what i needed at the time and in my price range. Eventually ill get a tube when i have the money. Thanx