Hey i just got an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top from a local guitar shop, on the back of the headstock there stamp into the finish that says "USED" its like not ink its like a steel stamp that indented the finish with the word "USED", also there is a sticker with a serial number on it, i peeled it off and it was covering the original serial number, however the original serial number has the last 4 digits scraped off of it, however i was able to run the beginning of the number (because the last four is the specific number of the guitar, the rest of them just identify the factory, production date, ext.) (it was produced in 2004) anyone heard of this? my local shop didnt do it they said another big distributer did it... just curious, give me some input because it kinda pisses me off i paid $300.00 for it
lol i didnt steal it, i think it is stamped because the company couldnt sell it as new, and the serial number is scrapped so it cant be ran as new, because it had a sticker over the old serial with a new serial number (not recognized when i ran it) probubly for shop identification
yeah, used epiphones either have "2nd" or "used" stamped on them and some digits of the serial numbers stamped out, so that they can't be sold as new only as used or blem items
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