This is a video of the solo section of my original instrumental called Pendulum. Please let me know what you think! I'll check yours out too!

watch it here:

or find it on my myspace:

Please add me on myspace if you like my music!

thanks tons!
Nice man, there's definitely some very tasty licks in there and the solo seems to flow well to! Your obviously pretty advanced with tapping too and its good to hear.

Guitar looked like an RG1570 (same colour as mine) with replacements pickups. What were they by the way?

And what amps and effects were you using? Looks like a Line 6 in the background. Am I right?

EDIT: Are the pickups chrome top Dimarzio's of some sort?

I just checked your profile and hey I was right about the guitar and amp.
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yea man those are chrome top evolutions, wicked hot pickups! haha if you get a chance check out the whole song on my myspace, its actually got a real mellow dreamy almost talking main theme. o yea and i'll add that i keep my spider on clean all the time, all my distortion and effects come from my BOSS GT-8.
I really like it alot, I definitely hear the vai and satriani oozing out from you...which I dig. Your tapping is really good, mine suck balls compared to yours. Good tone too. here's to getting good tone out of line 6 spiders, which people claim are impossible to do.
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Very clean smooth... awesome to say the least.
You're licks in the solo were fluid, and you poistively nailed the melodic parts.

It seems you have very good control of bends and vibrato, which is nice to apart from the shredding shredding shredding... not that "shredding" is a bad thing. I just like to see some phrasing every once in a while.

Excellent sound, excellent playing.
good job over all!

crit mine?

Cool song. I like your tones and licks. Flawless bends and vibrato Overall great job.

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thanks yea im working on an albums worth of songs so there'll be plenty more to come, and i plan by the end of the summer to have at least some recorded professionally with an all live band. If you head over to my myspace you can check out the whole tune.