My amp (a ss Hughes and kettner combo) has started making popping satic sounds quet but im afraid it might get worse ,only when the volumes on though, i was wonderin if this something to be alarmed about. its never done it before any causes or solutions for the problem? thanks in advance
check your cables
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i think its oxidation, so bring it in to your nearest guitar store and tell them what going on....unless its only that guitar, in which case its the guitar.
either your cables or a loose input jack. ss amps are usually pretty reliable
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Quote by red star
ss amps are usually pretty reliable

yeah, no kidding

my dad found my amp in someones trash and it had just been rained on

its a little generic brand 10w ss practice amp

it still works perfectly, too bad it sounds like ****. i use a digitech rp250 to get a bearable tone

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cables are fine i checked them its only an occasional buzz im just afraid it could get worse