Hi, I have noticed that I improve the most when I practice for about 2-3 hours one day, and then barely pick up the guitar at all for like 2 days. Why is this? Am I doing something wrong? Do I just need to rest one day between practices or something? Like weight lifting lol????

Kinda confused...Thanks..
Why would we know why YOU don't want to play guitar...

Maybe you are getting bored because you play for 3 hours straight.
Muscle memory develops even as you aren't playing, so that may be part of it.

Or it could just be your style. whatever works!
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that happens to me in various things, but not guitar..

people say you should play half an hour a day every day with correct practice.

for more help look up correct practice on guitar.
I know why. You have a rare disease called Lackinterestus Guitaritis. Only about one out of every ten thousand guitarists have this disease, and it is known to only be transmittable as an STD. Within the next few months you will start noticing large warts and blistering on your fingers, and you will notice an increase in the time between practice due to pain and numbing in the fingers and sometimes around the genitals. Also, with every...

Why the hell do I even try...
I also have that sometimes. It`s not a big issue unless you sometimes play not for weeks. But day 2-3 hours practicing and then day 2 and day is a decent schedule.
While you should play every day for about 15 min. at least, your way isn`t wrong or something. Because no practicing schedule is wrong. Some or handy and usefull and others don`t.
physical memory.

our bodies tend to remember and improve in efficiency when we ( yes, just like weight lifting) go hard for one day then rest for a day or two allowing our bodies (or fingers) to repair itself and to absorb everything such as positions and speed.

basically thats the theory behind it. some people may differ as a few people I know practice 2-3 hours everyday.

hope this helps
It's not that you're improving more with that schedule, it's just that you notice it more. If you practice everyday, usually you don't notice how much better you're becoming because it's so gradual unless you record yourself.

It's good to take breaks, but only playing once every three days is going to cause you to progress really slowly.

I know I'm not the only person who's felt like they haven't progressed at all over a couple of months until you go back and play some old songs and you realize how much better you are...
It may not be your practice schedule at all. You may just be in a period of growth as
a player.

It depends on what your goals are as a player you know. If you have small goals and
measure your improvement on a smaller scale you may be fooling yourself.

Most of us as guitarists have practiced a song for days or weeks and couldnt get some
part of it right to save our lives. We go to bed frustrated about it..and then one day
we do it..and we are amazed we did it with no mistakes. Overnight the growth just seemed
to come out of nowhere.

It sounds like you need to set higher goals for yourself. It looks like you are practicing
things that are too easy.

Welcome to intermediate town!! This is a black hole my friend. You gotta work hard to
get out of this place. Dont get happy here.
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Well I didn't not play for three days on purpose, Im 14 and got my guitar taken away for getting into a fight (The dumbass pushed my girlfriend against a wall, so I had to beat the hell out of him) and noticed I had improved a lot more than when I had been practicing 3 hours a day.

And Mrville? What the hell lol?
I experience something like this... See what happens with me is I'll play just about everyday for the usual 2-3 hours with a metronome, and I won't improve very much at all, but then one day I'll pick up the guitar and boom I can play everything 2x as fast and accurate . It's weird because I don't ever do anything differently, I'll just progress at a decent rate (slower than I'd like) but then all of the sudden I'll just be better. Idk, it's weird.