ive been reading around and some guitarists have been seen using piano wire instead of regular guitar strings i read this and thought this might be an interesting experiment for one of my old chepo acoustic guitars so i the proceed to hit up google for help and i came out with no help has anyone here tried this, how does it work anything will help
What I do know is that it won`t work an a electric guitar. But search on Google wich strings the pitch has. So wich E, A, D and so. But I don`t think you can buy seperate strings. Just all the 88. Or in octaves so from low E till higher E. <- If that`s true you`ll have to buy 2 sets.
It might be a bit more complicated than that. I don't know a lot about piano's (I know virtually nothing about them to be honest; not even how to switch one on) but for what I've seen when throwing a short glance under the hood the high strings on a piano are a lot shorter than guitar strings and therefore a lot thicker. Maybe you can find a gauche matching the low E and the A strings, but I doubt there are piano strings as thin as a high e or a B on a guitar.
Going for a thicker gauche is no option, for then you would have to wind up the string far beyond the maximum specified for both the string and the guitar.

Bass guitar players who know their string theory may find some possibilities though