Personally I would go for the jackson, deans seem too much like a gimmick to me. They just make crazy metal guitars for the niche and people eat it up. There high end guitars are nice but I don't like their middle to lower end ones.

That jackson RR is awesome, i was at long and mcquade tonight and this guy was shredding on that exact jackson you posted. It was awesome.
i like jackson way better......
Be still my heart, I hear your back cracking...

...sounds like music to me
If you're gonna get a Razorback V get the one thats nearly half the price of that one. A fancy paintjob isn't worth 400 bucks IMO.
Jackson. Jacksons have amazing quality and are amazing to play as well. I used to own an RR5 and all I can say is wow. The neck is amazing and very easy to play. The fretboard is also very nice and easy to move across quickly. Go for the Jackson man.
i`d say jacksons but im biased
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But i do like the Dean a hell of a lot. I'm a sucker for that paint job on the Jackson though.