Hmm. I'm pretty attached to this song. I recorded the main guitar and vocals live, because it just felt weird doing it any other way. So I'm aware it's a little messy. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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And I will crit back if you leave a link.
I liked it alot. I really liked the the emotion you put in to your singing. Very nice. The background vocals go really good too. The song is very simple which is great. It brings out the emotions better. I liked the subtle keyboard too.

Very nice. I can't wait till you clean it all up a bit.


crit this if you have the time

I love it! but you already knew that. keep up the good work champ.
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Thanks everyoneee.

Quote by chrisatgrace
I love it! but you already knew that. keep up the good work champ.

Just like you already know how much I love your stuff. Do you have a thread for your acoustic cover I can comment on? It's like our foreplay.
^Thank youu. And thank you very much for listening to more than one song.

I promise to get back to you guys when I get home on Tuesday. Then I will crit back in the best way that I know how!

P.S. internet hearts for chris and his new song.
hey anie, did i mention to you that dulcie tried to talk me into a threesome last night? i'm not gonna lie, i hadn't even considered that....
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