iron man and smoke on the water!! woot..

aww... i hate those songs
If you say Randy Rhoads isn't amazing, I will hunt you down (Same for Marty Friedman)Founder of Rhoads/Friedman pm if you want in..
"guitarists have a thing, where their guitar is like an extension of their penis.." well said, ozzy
Aerosmith's Mama Kin, GNR's Mr. Brownstone, Razamanaz from Nazareth, Lady Luck by the 69 Eyes
Not right now but thanks for asking...
Free Beer?

When im home alone i like to strip to me undies and rock out really loud and dance and headbang and just get into it.. in fact, i am right now.. btw im like 16. And i do it in drop d, which makes it even dirtier.
godsmack's awake album... cool grooves... learnable solo's and quality headbangin material

that and metallica's black album... can't really ever go wrong with that
You scream at the sickness not from the pressure
black dog and the ocean by zepp. wish you were here by floyd. sunshine of your love by cream. all very easy, fun, and recognizable.
haha why would be WYWH hard rock?
its really not
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Quote by ferencz
haha why would be WYWH hard rock?
its really not

true...i got kind of carried away with the classic rock thing...