well, im a total noob when it comes to guitar strings. i've had the same strings on my guitar ever since i first bought it like a year or two ago.

I have always read about people using different gauges and stuff, like 10-52, 9-46, but i never really understood what it means. help me understand please?

i think this might be important - i play a wide range of music (almost everything except country) and i usually go no further than drop d.

oh, and once i take the strings off, i also plan to clean the neck and polish the body.
what should i use?
hey man.. the terms like 10's and 9's and 11's all refer to the thickness of the hgh E string.. generally 10's are light, 12's are heavy and 9's are super light... i think most people use 10's (i could be wrong) also.. when changing strings, do it one string at a time, like, take off one string, put one string on.. and repeat that for all the strings so that you keep tension on the neck... as for cleaning, i've heard you can use windex on it, but i personally just use i microfiber cloth.. i also hear that FastFret is a good fretboard cleaner.. it's like 5 bucks at GC..
ask a guitar store..their professionals!!
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If I were you, I would use 10-46, or 10-52. The numbers signify the tickness of the strings examplke 0.010 of an inch etc.

For fingerboards I would recommend lemon oil but if your neck is maple...DO NOT USE IT.
For polish a regular guitar polish would do
String gauges are the thickness of the string. And people sometime change their string gauge to play more comfortably on a low tuning (Thick strings rattle less when they are on low tunings), or just because they like them. You shouldn't worry about that if you're going to play in standard and drop D all the time.

And to polish the neck, buy some lemon oil, guitar stores have it.


Oh, never mind the lemon oil part, you have a maple neck.
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I found that .10's are harder to bend when I first started to play, then I moved into 9's and I like the tone alot more, just exparament!
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for maple necks I just use a clean cloth and wipe out the dirt...that's all