I have a couple bucks to spend and Guitar Center is having a sale for the 4th of july so I was thinking of what I wanted to get. I could really use a better guitar but that is kind of expensive so right now I am looking at a loop station that is worth the money. Would a loop station help me create songs? I am into making progressive death metal/deathcore with lots of different interchanging riffs and parts but I cant find anybody who is into my style nor can play my riffs. So I was wishing I could play with myself and then I thought of a loop station. Would a BOSS RC-2, RC-20XL, or DigiTech JamMan be good for peacing together different riffs so I can create full songs with two different guitar lines? I am mainly looking toward the RC-2 because of the price but would it be worth it? I really want to know if these would help me because I have over a hundred riffs that I havent been able to succesfully string together into songs and I really need something to help me out considering I cant find another guitar player or clone myself.

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