He needs one that would go well with bands like blink 182,sum 41 and hes looking for a price under 500. Anyone know a good bass for him???
Squire VM Jazz Bass.
Does he need an amp?
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Fender/Squier P Bass?

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Just get anything...
Under $500
Just starting out, i didnt care at all "which bass" i got, I just had a burning desire to play.
My bass is **** as, the neck sinks in the middle, generating a buzz if I slap on the 9th fret.
The body is light.
I still love it, because I can still play it

As the others said just get something cheap, Squier.

I could not afford an amp, i was desperate to start playing.
Had it for 4 months, still no amp. but I ahev played it through one a few times, GOOD SFUFF!
I got my eye on this peavy amp at my local store, $199 20watts
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