so i want to get a good strat and so far i have been looking at getting a fender strat and replacing the pickups. but i am also very open to suggestions. it doesnt have to be fender by any means its just that i played my friends last month for a couple hours and just lvoed it.
so i have also gotten suggestions for the highway 1s. how are they different from a standard strat?
or does anyone have any other suggestions of a strat model? this is going to be a guitar that i will keep for the rest of my life and price is not a limiter within reason.
I'm a sucker for satin finishes. I think all guitars (at least solid colored ones) should have an option for satin finish. It makes the guitar seem more fragile (I think satin finish scratches easier) but they are ooh so sexy.
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Fender has a ton of different Stratocaster models over a wide range of prices. Check out the current model line from the previous link, then you can check out the prices at guitarcenter or musiciansfriend.

I chose an American Standard HSS Strat, which I just love.

How much do you want to spend?


Ok, I noticed you said you're not terribly concerned about price "within reason" because your getting a guitar your're going to keep for life. That's pretty much how I viewed it too, and $1000 will get you into an American Standard, and another $250 for the American Deluxe. The Highway One is also MIA ($750), but with the more fragile laquer finish that some folks like.
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i say get a MIM classic or deluxe series strat. or go MIA.

it's better if you try out the MIMs before buying though, you might get a dud. i got very lucky with a great sounding standard strat with a great feel.
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Strats are great guitars to have for life mainly because they are true workhorses and they are very customizable and upgradeable. I think, with whatever you get in the end, you're going to be happy with it.
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you said it doesn't have to be fender .. look up at Charvel and Jackson too, yet as ZZRIDER said, the Americans ought to be very good