ok i have a 65 watt crate. when i use the level (volume) knob to control how loud it is. its kinda weird...it sounds good when it on like 6 out of 10. but when it goes any higher than six, it kinda loses the distortion sound and it just sounds bland. is this just because of the amp or is it something i can fix?

thx in advance
It's because it's a solid state amp. Anything higher than 6 or 7 will distort and clip out really bad.
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i have a 65 watt Crate GLX and it doesnt do that, maybe its your eq settings
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hes right, its because its a solid state amp, I have the same one. I guess you could fake a good distortion sound at high volume by have a whole lotta highs and mids..... I am about to add a tube screamer to mine. I also thought about by a cheap crate cab since there about 200 dollars. The amp will keep more of its gain if it pushes it medium through 6 speakers instead of pushing hard through 2 12's.... hope this helps