I was just wondering what company makes clear guitars like the one Dave Grohl has in the video for "All My Life".
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It's an Ampeg Dan Armstrong Plexi guitar
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^oh jesus christ . just because it has the same brand name and a remotely same name doesnt make it at all the same. its like saying a cat is like a human because its a mammal.
If you mean acrylic... the first thing that comes to my mind is the BC Rich acrylic series and that anniversary Ibanez Jem. The problems being those BC Rich's are crazy heavy and the JEM is crazy expensive... And both tone would be questionable, because they're built for looks not sound.

Or you can ignore my dumb suggestions and listen to the person above me who knows specifically what you're talking about...

EDIT: BC Rich ahoy...
EDIT 2: JEM ahoy....
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As UnresolvdMurder said, the one in the vid is the Dan Armstrong Plexi. It's just been reissued, and a few companies make semi-replica guitars based on it.

Acrylic guitars are only really props, they usually sound crap and are so heavy you couldn't play more than six or seven songs before your back gave in. Okay if you spend £60 on a crappy Chinese one for a music video, but a complete waste of money otherwise.