song is called: Residual Reflections

wrote it the other day. Opinion on title and song.
if ne questions feel free to ask...

I see the past my other future
As I dream into my own
The choices of life, the choices of effortlessness
Change the facts and leave on another ship

I cross the seas in one of my past times
I rode the horses into my own
I ran along on the snow line
I crawled with the dead on the battle line

I’ve faced so many beings, thoughts and subjects
In a distant memory that does not sit with me
So many lives that I am in
Yet only one I can be with

This decision will make another, change
I whisper to myself of what will become
Another road, another existence
Another leading thought, another end.

I decide witch lights to follow
Even so dim, just a distance
That I will lead to another existence
Cross my path, will I remain…

This time I choose. This way I go.
This path I follow. This time, that holds me
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