Anyone wanna start a online band for fun? for some band experience? all you would need at this moment is Msn and the ability to record you're instrument onto computer at whatever quality it doesn't matter, just for fun right?
I am a lead guitarist myself been playing over 6 yrs now and im 21 years old but sometimes I feel like 10 lol.
My influences include Metallica, Buckethead, Carlos Santana and Papa Roach in my early days. If you're good at mixing everything together that would be a bonus too.

so if you're a singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist, triangle player..lol it doesn't matter lets pass some time and send me a IM on msn.

my msn is: Relationswith(NOSPAM)mypillow@hotmail.co.uk

(just take out the no spam part it's all together)

Cool idea I would like to join. I am a guitarist with 4 jears of playing expirience. im 20 years old and i am planning on doing a music production study in like 2 years. I already have some mixing skills. oh and i'am dutch by the way, that might scare you off

let me hear from you.
Hi, I'm currently studying on a music tech. degree so I'm pretty good at mixing etc.
(recording gear: sm57, ATR tubeMP, Emu 0404, Cubase SX3, Reason 3, MicroKORG)
I also think I'm fairly good at theory, but I'm a rather mediocre guitarist/bassist.

I hope I can help.
(add me on msn if you want (see ug profile))
A metal band?
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Yeah dude ive been looking for people to do this, i play guitar, msg me on msn and we can talk about it
Aw 2 other people already called it , still if you need me, im in for it.
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