I'm looking to get me a new guitar and was wondering about solid and laminated woods used in construction.

Is it worth paying the extra cash for a guitar made from solid woods over one with a solid top with laminated sides and back?? Would the tone be much better?
depends on the quality of the wood .. but i shelled out a lil for an all solid dr500r from masterbilt and its worth it .. although there are many nice solid top and laminate sides and back guitars .. but an all solid wood guitar will age very nicely .. if u plan on keeping the acoustic for a long time i would invest in an all solid wood guitar
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The money is definitely worth it. It also depends on the guitar itself sometimes though. Some companies make great laminate(Seagull for example) and can compare with a lot of all solid bodied guitars. Seagull uses solid tops though.

Generally, Solid wood is the way to go. There's no questioning that. The tone will be MUCH better and become even better as you play it.
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Solid top is the only way to go. I would, at the very least, require a solid top in any guitar I own. My Seagull (as captivate mentioned) is my pride and joy. The quality of the laminate on their back and sides is phenomenal, and I dare to say it could outplay most solid wood guitars in its price range.

A laminate top, in my experience, never sounds good from the get-go. The main selling point of a solid wood guitar is that it will age and mature with time. The guitar will only keep sounding better the more it's played.
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