Pretty Self explanetry lol

Where can i get a bass guitar for less than $20.

Do not suggest ebay

Post your pics, (if anyone has any) of your bass that you got for less than $20!!
You could probably glue some strings together along with a shoe box and pipe of some sort.
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i suggest you break into a bassist's house, steal his bass and leave 20 bucks....

how the hell do you think you can get a bass for 20 bucks??
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$100 is a price range, hell $70 is doable, but 20? you'll be lucky if you even get a set of bass strings. i suggest you try and get lucky on ebay (that really is the only way).
Your not gonna find that price on anything sold by someone who KNOWS what they're selling. A garage sale, goodwill maybe. Just put something on lay-away.
this is **** lol just felt like posting something. But now im deleting it. Guitar is more my thing anyway!
my friend gave me his p-bass for free, that i still use. $19 for strings. tada! under $20. ask your friends for old stuff
You can get a bass under 20$ easily

You just need to go take some LSD, get out of the real world where things make sense. Then you can get all sorts of stuff there. Hell, you could probably get a bass/amp combo for under 20 bucks there.