lately I've re-wired my epi LP custom and took the neck tone pot out (simply cut all the wires that link to it & link the back of bridge tone & neck volume pot together).unfortunately I broke one of the 3 "tips" of the bridge volume pot (I don't know what the part of the pot, to which we solder the lead from pup, is called......so I'll just call it "tip").I replaced it with the neck tone pot.

now I can no longer turn volume of the bridge pup (duncan SH-6) down to zero even when I turn the knob all the way back.there's still a slight signal from it.

the #2 issue is that when I was doing the re-wiring, the ground wire came off from the solder on the cover of the pot.now that I re-soldered it but there's an annoying noise when I use either pup (not sure if it's called buzz or hum).the noise only disappears when my hand touches the bridge or tailpiece.when I re-string the guitar, I pulled out the bridge studs but I see no "ground wire from bridge" as it says in SD's wiring schematic .until now I haven't figured out where the ground wire comes from

everybody please give me solution to this problem.I appreciate any idea.

.......and questions about gibson P-94:
-how does it sound in comparison with P-90 or duncan phat cat?
-what genres it's good for?or can it produce some good metal tones?
-what kind of pot (volume & tone) is optimal for it?
-is it noisy like other single coils?
-please give me samples of song/artists who use it

thank you
1) but a new volume pot
2) the ground wire might come from a tail piece stud, the hums because its not grounded properly


3) stop bumping threads!
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