This most proberly has been done before. But me and some friends have just set up a band and we all have been playing our instruments for atleast a year and were just wondering were to start. We are all in the 9th grade and our school has like free days sometimes were you can play guitar or talent quests sometimes. We alreay have our own songs, so I was just asking for help for were to start off.
Get some decent recordings done and get a band website/myspace
Take a couple of good quality band photos for PR and get in touch with small local venues, other bands and promoters. Ask them for something small like an opening support slot and build your way up from there
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Practice, practice and practice... And have fun! plan a show in the future. And design a setlist. after having built up a good setlist and practiced it well do the show. So be sure to plan the show in advance! When your sure about your setlsit and about your band being able to play the stuff correctly. Plan more shows! get rolling maybe in the very far future record demo.. but first gain a bit of experience with gigging