Yea. it is unfinished an i neither can't decide still for the title.
I need some help here. comments are welcome

I stared at the clock and it's pointing up
when I woke up

It's raining hard but I felt so warm
I'm so fed up deep inside

The lights are on this feeling so strong
I need you here with me

The same with mine, your heart beats fine
I hope it beats for me

you know I'll try
whatever it takes to make you mine
I'll say i love you a thousand times

give me your hand
lets walk on the beach with our toes in the sand
stare at the stars til we fall asleep
just hold my hand and we'll never part
you're close to me like my beating heart

a cup of coffee to warm our hearts
would you like to share with me?

a slice of cake to sweeten up
a conversation between you and me