Hi people.

I am looking to get a new amp that would be suitable for a few small gigs around the place. Probably a minimum of 50 watts...
But I don't realy play heavy stuff. I want an amp that cane give me a really nice clean tone but still be suitable for i little distortion when needed.

And im not to sure whether to go for a valve/tube amp or solid state...
budget of about £250 if possible....
Anyone got any ideas on suitable brands or amps?
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You don't need more than 50 watts, period. Actually, for what you play a Peavey Classic 30 or 50 would be my choice, since they have great cleans and very nice mid-gain distortion. You could also look at the Fender Hot Rod Deville (the 212 I think), which has awesome cleans, but the distortion is not as good.


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Some advice on spelling too.

I agree with above, Peavey Classic 50 would be nice.

Any amp that is vintage-voiced will be great, as a distortion pedal can just be added to it.
A randall rg50tc. will handle heavy stuff better that a peavey classic, or a b52 AT
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