sorry if this is in the wrong place. i wasnt sure where to put it.

I have been thinking about scalloping out the kneck on my squire strat since i have many other guitars. Do you guys think it would be worth it? and will it work the same way if i did it myself. Thanks
if you do good job it will work, but its best to have all scalloped or none.

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I have done it myself but it takes some knowledge of woodwork and a lot....a lot of patience. It is easier if it is a maple neck over a rosewood, and you need to make sure you tape the frets to not scratch them. The filing down has to be done slow because if you go to fast you might go deeper than you want and hit the truss rod. I suggest that if you are not comfortable with woodworking and using certain tools to measure correct depth you either see how much it would cost you to get it done or instead have jumbo frets put onto the guitar (much cheaper way to get the scalloped feel).

Edit: or another suggestion is if you can find a messed up neck to practice on before you tackle the real job.
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