A lazy man's Bright Eyes? Absolutely. Can I stop listening to We Can Breathe Under Alcohol? Not a chance.

I don't really understand the appeal of this guy's work, because I listen to the CD and every other line is a Bright Eyes lyric...I'm not even joking. Even so, there's a charm about it that keeps dragging me back every time.

When I say a 'lazy man's Bright Eyes' I say it because An Angle is essentially Drive-Thru's diluted equivalent. He's nowhere near as hot as Oberst lyrically, but he does pull out some real gems every so often ("My friend spoke to me on the other end of the telephone, he said I can't find my second step, and if I fall I'll forget how to walk"). 'Interesting' vocally (I think the debut album would be more aptly titled "We Can't Sing Under Alcohol"), and the use of horns, and then the odd string section is enough to hold the attention musically.

I don't really know what the point of this thread is, because I have a really mixed opinion of the guy. Despite absolutely detesting the way he's trying to cater for the "Fisher Price My First Folk Band" kind of audience, I can't help enjoying listening to his stuff.


Listen to him for yourself and tell me what you think. Start with We Can Breathe Under Alcohol, and after that it's up to you...