Do you like it? If so, it's a good guitar.

The Peavey Rage is a great little amp, and Jay Turser seems to be one of the better makes for novice guitarists. Enjoy
The Rage is **** actually.
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The amp isn't bad.

The guitar really wasn't a step up at all.
You wen't from a Strat knock-off to a Les Paul knock-off.

No change in quality, just change in feel.
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it looks nice. I personally don't like the Peavey amp, but it's all down to opinion. I also don't like Les Paul style guitars as much as some other style's, but that looks killer I give your axe a thumbs up
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thanks for the compliment man!
you really need to see the quality of my other guitar to understand how it was a step up the whole thing had so many flaws it wasnt even funny
I actually really like my Jay Turser LP knockoff.
The amp I have experience with.
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