second question of the day

i need a cheap chromatic tuner e.g. under £40 MAX, the more under, the better.

i know its not going to be great for that price

the only thing i want it to do is be able to tune down to B, or atleast C, but that isnt a must have, just something that would be nice.

any tuners you have in mind? thanks
Ibanez LU20 or save a little more and get a Korg Pitch Black.
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Is it okay if its just a handheld, or do you need a stompbox version?

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stompbox would be better, i just need something to use with an input/output so i can quickly check my tuning in the middle of a gig, but cant afford anything expensive, and i know that means im gonna be stuck with something pretty crap, but i just need something to do for now

edit: just been thinking, i have a line 6 spider II 212 and as everybody knows they arent great, but they do have good speakers (celestron?) and so was wondering of a decent effects pedal with built in chromatic tuner that i could hook up instead and run the amp just on a clean setting
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