So I found out last night that apparently the individual pickup poles on the humbucker in my Strat are not adjustable, even though they are screws. Once you turn the screw it pushes down a 1/4" and doesn't come back up. Just spins when you turn it.

What is up with that? Why aren't they adjustable like every other humbucker with screw poles? I don't think there is anything I can do to fix it.
Quote by Steve BP
Stripped threads on the screw or the casing?

Yeah, I suppose so.

Nearly new guitar that hasn't been touched before though. And two poles did that. I didn't dare touch the rest. So now 2 screws are sunken into the bobbin. No idea why. Fortunately the sound difference appears to be negligible and I don't really like the humbucker anyways, so I'll upgrade it eventually.

Also, the humbucker appears to not be built straight. The two bobbins are at a small angle to each other. Real quality work, I must say.