I have a Shure C606 dynamic microphone which i will be needing for acoustic/vocal recording straigh into cubase SX 3.

I will also use it for live DJing using Sam Broadcaster.

Anyway, I bought a adaptor from a big jack to the little pc jack, and haven't got much sound atall.

I then read up to make it go through a mixer or amp.

I used my Roland Cubase Amp for my guitar.

So i had the microphone in the input, and a jack lead from the phones/record out socket to the adaptor, to the pc, (i hope that makes sense.)

Still getting nothing.

I've had a play around and i've managed to get sound on occation (but not alot.)

Any Ideas?
I'm assuming it needs to be powered? If it hasnt got batteries in it, it will need phantom power, which neither the PC or the amp will have.

I may be wrong here as i dont know yr exact mic (and cba looking into it). But here may be your problem.
call steinberg and have them help you...on a side note..do you have your dongle plugged in?