Ok so I have been playing guitar for a while but I have never attempted to read sheet music on the guitar until now. I do however read the bass clef (from playing trombone) but sadly not the treble clef. Is there anything different I need to learn other then where the notes are located on the staff for the treble clef compared to the bass clef?

Also I am sight reading the jazz standard Autumn Leaves and was wondering why some of the E chords are written like E - and do not have a 7 or something like that.

And finally is there a list of easy jazz standards because I cant seem to find one?
For reading the treble cleff, just remember that the note lying on top is a G.

Some chords are played like E- because that's the way they were transcribed. You can play mostly any version of E- chords there, including E-7, E-9 etc (just be careful with the 6 and b6).

Easy jazz songs: Blue Bossa, Autumn Leaves, All the things you are. Just for starters
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^To clarify The note above the staff (space) is G. The note below the staff is D.

You may like Marks SoTM on Autumn Leaves. I thought it was helpful.
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I recommend Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master.
It's totally adjustable to the users level and works on reading notes with rhythms. I've looked around and there's nothing for guitar or bass software that deals with sight-reading but this. The download site with some info is www.prolevelguitar.com
PS it does chords and a swing function for jazz as well. From what I can see, you can upgrade the software to a whole bunch of tools I haven't seen before... there's some videos on them.