So I finally started up a band but the drummer and bassist let us down, so now we are looking for people in the Birmingham area to "audition" for the band.
we are looking for :

-A Bassist
-A Drummer
-and A Keyboardist/2nd Guitarist (we had a guitarist audition and he said that 2 guitars might not suit us)

Our influences include : Placebo, Bloc Party, Radiohead, Jimmy Eat World, OneRepublic, The Starting Line and The Killers but we listen to a wide range of music and want to do something really "original" and of course we have various personal influences.

Skill, experience etc aren't really important as long as you enjoy making music as much as we do, get along well with us (so no jerks! lol), and are serious about it (we would like to record, gig ect but we aren't really in a hurry)
We have 6 songs that we have been working on (none of them online or anything sorry), and may do some covers for a while just to get noticed, but will do original songs (probably scrap a few of them , dunno yet). We usually practice at Robannas in town.

So if you're interested, or know anyone let me know!

Thanks alot

I would definately be interested in auditioning for your band. Im into more hard rock like the pumpkins etc.

Im currently in Leicester at uni but give me a shout if you're interested