In the profile. Its a quick recording from this morning so it's not going to be amazing.
please crit
Well, the guitar wasn't too bad, but the vocals could use some work, maybe you could tune down a half-step down to compliment your voice. Also, if you were recording everything with one mic at the same time, you can download a free audio editor called Audacity if you haven't got it already. That way you can record each thing separate and do the volume levels and stuff for each track. All in all not bad. 4 stars.
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i enjoyed the vocals actually ahaha a bit of work on the higher partss but it was really goodd 4 star!
well the guitar was simple and good I like it, it was a bit different and gave it some style,
hmm you do have to work out on your voice, you "pulled" your voice for too long in a lot of parts time and it caused you to sometime out of the tone,
but after all you do have a very nice voice in my opinion ,

oh, and by the way, you said it was from the morning, make sure you sing a little bit before recording so your voice will get warm *if you haven't done that...*
I really liked the guitar part, but yes, I think the vocals could use some work. Get a capo and mess around with tunings and such. Overall it was good, I'm thinking of doing a cover for this song now! There's room for improvement, but you did a nice job!
You can sing but your voice here in the song needs work. Guitar is perfect.

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The voice color that you have is good, but was faking on the voice. Work on it.

Hope you successfully!
Not too bad, I liked the guitar but you went a little flat on some parts. I would try a different tuning( up or down ) and see if it suits your voice better. I personally can't sing with standard tuning so hope this helps. I did a cover of this song too, it's on my profile. Let me know what u think.