I was browsing the BC Rich website and discovered that the mockingbird ST was "inspired" by Slash's mockingbird. With a bit of research I was able to discover that his guitar is actually a mockingbird SL (which BC Rich don't make any more). Now I'm wondering what the difference between these two guitars is as I cannot find the specs of the SL anywhere. Does anybody know the difference between these two guitars? Or can anyone send me a link to a site where the specs of the SL are available?
hey, Ive been wanting the answer to that same question to..I haven't really been able to get an answer, but here is what i have learned. visually the ST has a different paint finish. I'm not 100% sure but the Floyd may be a new model. All the switched and toggles are the same tho, as well as a neck thru design. I'm guessing that slash put seymore duncan alcino 2 pro pickups in his, (which is what is les paul has)....there is a chance that they changed the name of it because of a deal with the company that makes the pickups for the ST model, or simply because slash did not want a Signature mockingbird...who knows lol???
Yeah, the pickups are different (a Seymour Duncan Jazz Model in the neck position and a Duncan Custom at the bridge), but I was mostly wondering if the two instruments were made of different materials; I can't seem to find that info anywhere.
yer apparently they use a cheaper wood for the body that the original did not have, but im not sure