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Say it ain't so by Weezer
because i just learnt it...
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Joe Satriani - Can't Slow down...if I could play it...the solo is awesome
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I just pull out an improv blues solo most of the time and some speedy stuff in phrygian dominant. Song wise I don't know. Whatever is on my mind I guess.

EDIT: oh what I would play erm okay well I guess Glasgow Kiss if I could play that.
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What's the big deal with Gibsons, anyway?
I've heard loads of Gibsons being played before
and they don't sound any more special than
any other guitar.

^UG's King Of Fail.
Stairway To Heaven or any of the songs in my sig.
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right now, concrete jungle by black label society or allegiance by firewind, but allegiance sounds a bit crap with just 1 guitar

either that or just make up a bluesy riff with some aeolian noodling
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"Dee" or the solo to "Goodbye To Romance". Maybe "Phantom of the Opera" by Iron Maiden or "Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton.
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Still of the Night by Whitesnake

represent fool!
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I totally agree with LegionsOfDeath

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i usually play Slayer - Angel of Death or it depends on who it is, if they know the song. Blue my eiffle 64 is a good one
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Spanish Romance. People always think I'm better than I actually am if I play something pretty u_u
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Whitesnake- Here I Go Again, with singing.

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Still of the Night by Whitesnake

represent fool!

Class acts!
beginning of 5th caprice because it sounds good without a backtracking or i would play some blues licks.
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I just pull out an improv blues solo most of the time and some speedy stuff in phrygian dominant. Song wise I don't know. Whatever is on my mind I guess.

I have found you!!!

exactly what I'd play!!
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Carmel is hawt
War pigs/Purlple haze

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either nothin else matters, master of puppets, or somethin i wrote
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Classical Gas, Moonlight Sonata or Capricho Arabe.




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Depending on who asked...

Probably "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence ~ Kotaro Oshio" or maybe "The Penance ~ Akercocke"

**** yerrrr!!
Canon Rock.

1. It would amaze non-guitarists.

2. It sounds cool.
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nice discovery, sir.

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i'll normally play something dumb like the final countdown. then i'lll just make up something, most people don't think i play guitar.
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id probably just mess around with some blues, improvise a little solo, the 12 bar blues with a few changeups
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