Anyone else hate those?

The ones with misleading titles piss me off the most. I've devised a way to get rid of them.

I'm fighting chain letters with chain letters. I posted this one this morning:

SUBJECT: I think I'm going to jail...



ATTENTION: If you close this bulletin without reading it, YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES WILL COME TRUE.

OK, now that I'm sure no one is leaving, I can get started.

Conditions of this bulletin:

1. This is the only bulletin that is true. All the consequences of other bulletins you read are LIES.

2. If you post (or re-post) any chain-letter bulletins besides this one for the next WEEK, YOUR DICK WILL FALL OFF. If you currently don't have a dick, YOU'LL GROW ONE.

3. If you post any bulletins with misleading titles (other than this one) just to sucker people into opening them, YOUR CRUSH WILL HATE YOU FOREVER.

4. If you post a bulletin with one of those annoying surveys in it, YOU WONT HAVE A DATE FOR 10 YEARS.

This should put a stop to all the annoying chain-letter bulletins. You can repost this if you want.

Anyone think it might work? They seem to believe all the others so why not this one.
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No, you're only making it worse.
OOR!!! Just ignore them. I have learned to tell by the topic title to be able to tell which ones are and aren't chains.
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I find the 'remove user from friends' button works wonders.
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I just don't read 90% of them anymore. Since mine is made up of music-people, everyone just seems to add their own bulletins but never read anyone elses anyway...
So...you're combatting the spread of dumbass chain letters by starting a new dumbass chain letter?

Bravo Sir, bravo.
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How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

I stopped using myspace DAYS ago. Cause of those stupid bulletins and all the stupid fake comments. It's a wasteland.
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I stopped using myspace DAYS ago. Cause of those stupid bulletins and all the stupid fake comments. It's a wasteland.

I find Facebook more tedious now to be honest.

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