These goddamn things are pissing me off!!!!!!!!

I'm restoring it to it's factory settings for the 4th time with this iPod! I had to return my first one (same iPod)! What the F*** is up with these things?!! Anybody else having problems with their's? ::type
Never happened to mine in the 5 months before it was stolen.

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Yeah, I had to restart it once when it froze up, it's still new, like a month old. But I love it for it's volume, still not loud enough though.
I have a video ipod 30GB, and the damn thing sucks. It screwed up, so when I watch videos all the colors are wrong and 'smeared'. It kills headphones constantly, the battery runs down to fast, and it freezes up alot and the screen goes white.....*Sigh* I should have gotten a Zune

Anyways, go to Best Buy, and they'll restore everything, my brother had to do that with his ipod. Or go to an Apple store, they can do alot supposedly.....
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<- Zune

Lol in opposite world?

Zune's are crap and are in no way better than ipods. Fear my intelligent retort :P
I've had mine for half a year now and it's never glitched up...

Try soft resetting the ipod itself if it glitches up.
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<- Zune

Without a doubt. But try to get an unbiased comparison now n' days.
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it works alright for me, but the battery doesn't hold a charge that well, oh well.
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Has had mine for six months and it's frozen twice, that's all. Hold play + center button...

The battery lasts for an eternity
just go to the apple store nd tell em wats going on nd if ur warranty is still valid they'll take the one u have nd give you another one for free AND NEW
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