Hey, after finding out that most people enjoyed the cover myself and a friend did of Comfortably Numb, we decided to record another. I'm not nearly as pleased with it as I am with Comf Numb, but it was fun to record. I did all the guitar work and he did the vocals, any input/criticism is appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks for commenting in my recording.
Awesome stuff man. Great recording. The vocals are killers. Reminds me of Black Label Society!
Kudos. Awesome recording, vocals, guitar... .

Great guitar work, but the bass is out of time at the beginning. The singer's backing track also modulates in and out of key during some of the verses, but I can't quite tell if it's a chorus type effect causing that or not. Great work, I really enjoyed it.

I do love the Comfortably Numb cover as well, awesome on that.
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