Okay i am considering getting a Jackson King V KVX10 for christmas and it would be my second guitar. I am not sure whether i should or not. Not because i dont like the guitar or price but because it would be my second guitar and i dont know what it would be like as a second guitar i.e. whould i not be able to play it well as it is a guitar for advanced players. I know use are gonna tell me to go down to your local guitar shop and try it out but my local guitar shops dont have the guitar and will not be getting them in stock. I will be ordering the guitar from the internet. I am asking you ugers whether or not you think i should get it inspite of the fact that it will eb my second guitar. If you must know i am currently playing a squier strat through a fender 15g amp. but i am also considering getting a peavey valveking 112 amp. Thanks in advance.
it's an ok guitar, but i do like the jackson licensed floyds so thats good. You might want to re-think the amp, what types of music are you playing? (imo i find that the valveking this just an amp that was made to not have a strong point to it, cleans are not the greatest and the distortion is lacking)
I play mainly metal, hard rock and some heavy metal. I don't usually play standing up which is the other thing: cna you paly the jackson sitting down?
BEcause it looks awesome. I am jsut wanting to know if you can play it sitting down?
Just get a cord with a right-angle jack and sit in the classical position.
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You can still use a strap while sitting down, I don't know why people never really say that whenever talking about V's. Just set the strap really ridiculously high so it holds it up while you're sitting, and it's perfectly fine.
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