I'm looking to sell or trade the following pedals. All are in perfect working order and have no scratches, dings or anything. None were ever gigged, just sat in my room and never left.

I have a Boss NS-2 noise supressor
Boss DS-2 turbo distortion WITH FS-5L
and I have a Boss PH-2 Phaser

Any offers post here. Will sell individually but would prefer to sell them/trade them as a lot. I will ship the day after payment is received.

Best price for the lot shipped to Warrington, uk?
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Quote by The_Godfather
Best price for the lot shipped to Warrington, uk?

Shipping to the UK alone is about $80, I dont think it'd be worth it to do sorry.

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ill give u 20 for the distortion

No ty

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trade a Big Muff NYC for the distortion

No thanks.

I'm still wanting to hear offers please. Will sell to VERIFIED paypal only
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price on the ns2 ahipped, please

60 shipped. add $5 if you want the power supply