Hey guys, I've recorded these few songs over the past months. Check out any one of them and let me know what you think if you will. The link is in my sig.

"Meadows" is an instrumental and the other two have vocals.
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they're actually very good, but you should turn up the vox a little more. just a little though.
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Wow... you can play. Well done.
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Thanks a lot guys...and yeah, the vox need to be louder, but my recording process pretty much consists of sitting a mic on the table and going at it in one take. I'll get around to doing better versions eventually...someday.
Crit for "Fly"

The guitar's very interesting to listen to! You've got a nice voice as well! Very laid back I really love the chorus melody with the vocals as well! As other people have said, louder vox but you've already addressed that in the post above. Just keep it up!
Dude! I really like your style of playing. It reminds me in places of Jimmy Page. Your slides, pulloffs, and harmonics are very very cool. You sound like you really enjoy playing your accoustic. Thats a very good thing. The vocals though are very hard to hear. But I read that you're gonna do them over, so no biggie there.

Good Job Dude!!

Wow, your playing really blows me away, you've definately got some great acoustic chops.
I really love your use of harmonics in Meadows.
Is most of it tapped out? You don't see that very much in acoustic music at all. I really like it
I see you have some definate influences from Antione Dufour.

Keep it up
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Thanks guys!

Iceman: All of it is tapping, except for one part where I strum like 2 chords. I went through this phase a while back where that was pretty much all I did. Antoine Dufour is one of my favorite players, glad I'm showing the influence.
wow! "meadows" is really intense playing. how long you been playing for? keep up the good work
John Butler Trio/Andy McKee/Seth Lakeman fan perchance?

Really nice stuff.
I've been playing for...7-8 years I think.

And yeah, I live in Va. In Southampton County...it's very country haha.

If you guys got anything you want me to check out let me know, and I'll return the favor.