Alright, so I got this used guitar from my friend for like 60$. It's a Fender Squire Stratocaster and he gave me this tiny amp. So I find out that my dad has an amp in his garage, it's been laying around quite a while but it worked! It's a Peavy Back Stage. It has 2 inputs and 7 knobs. There is a bracket labled GAIN and under it there are 3 knobs, I figured out the one that says post is volume, the one that says saturation is like distortion and the one labled pre makes it more sensitive to touch, making hammer-ons easier.
On to the actual question now. Whenever I turn my amp off, it goes really loud and then shuts off, is it supposed to do this? Also, what is the difference between distortion via a pedal and distortion via gain? Does it sound different?
And I want to know what exactly the knobs under gain do...

Any help is appreciated.
When to goes louder is it like a loud pop ?
This works for almost any situation....

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Punch it. Punch it until it goes away.
Yeah, kinda like that, it just gradualy gets louder then it fizzes out, the amp works fine though.
i dunno if you turnin your volume off on the amp before turning it off... but that usually helps... my fender princeton did the same, maybe its a solid state thing.

but really, turn your volumes to zero and try again. works the same way as a pa system, volumes off
what are the labels by the knobs? it might be a bright switch or it could be a mid boost or a mid scoop. sounds like a 70's or early 80's amp. i'm probably wrong but i've used one similar a long time ago.

by the way, the old peaveys... pre on full and post as volume gives you a heavier distortion, post on full and pre used as volume would be like a crunch sound. or is it the other way around? anyway, hope it helps
My peavey classic 30 pops on shutdown unless I turn the volume, reverb, pre-post gain knobs all the way down and switch it off of the OD channel before flicking it off. Also turn off the boost switch if you have one, I got nasty pop today cause I forgot boost was on
this is a post. there are many like it but this one is mine


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It doesn't have a standby switch, but the time period sounds right 70's-80's. Usually if I turn the PRE and Saturation all the way up it gives me distortion, and post seems like the master volume, it has an equlization bracket with 3 knobs under it also and the last knob is a reverb. It only has a on and off switch.
It's an 80 watt btw.
the standby was meant for farrel...

the distortion with the post and saturation should work as well... and probably be high gain... use the pre as volume... just an experiment anyway... its how i remembered it.. i wonder... is it a keyboard amp or guitar?
i thought you meant it also has switches beneath the knobs...
I have a peavey classic chorus 220. Mine doesn't pop, but I always turn everything down before I turn it off, so that might be your problem.

To answer your distorion question, different pedals and amps have different sounds. If you're happy with the distortion in your amp, then you're set. I personally use a pedal because i switch between clean and distorted playing constantly in my songs.
Well, I want to sound like Metallica, most of the songs that I play (try to atleast) are by them, so... Right now I'm working on fade to black.